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Last updated August 1st, 2023

Latest Patch Notes


  • Updated for compatibility with patch 1.99


  • All traits are now recognized by the new social compatibility system
  • Recategorized all social interactions into subcategories to match the game
  • All social interactions are now recognized by the new conversation preference system


  • Updated Traditional and Simplified Chinese translations from WANZI

For earlier patch notes, click here.

This trait pack adds a set of nine new emotional traits which fill out the roster with traits associated with moods like Embarrassed and extreme versions of the old traits with some drawbacks. All of them are available for children and older, and add boosts to Character Values from Parenthood. 

Traits Included in This Pack


Extreme version of Self-Assured, very Confident but may rub other Sims the wrong way. These Sims also get a small bonus for the Debate skill, and for the Business, Politics, and Criminal careers.


Occasionally boosts the Fine emotion, removing much of the risk and reward of changing emotions.


Occasionally boosts the Scared emotion. These Sims are afraid of all sorts of things, like Occult Sims, mountain climbing, and even the dark!


Extreme version of Creative, these Sims get very Inspired but may have trouble concentrating. Once they’ve organized their mind, they have powerful boosts to Creative skills.


Extreme version of Genius, very Focused but have a one-track mind. If you strike while the iron is hot, they can earn powerful boosts to Mental skills. If you take too much time and they forget their idea, expect frustration and stress! Eggheaded Sims also enjoy a small bonus to the Debate skill.


Occasionally boosts the Embarrassed emotion, and causes stress around new people and when doing public performances. Making friends can be difficult but very rewarding for these Sims!

Insecure Sims get a bonus to pet relationships and the Comedy skill, but get a penalty to Charisma and other social skills. 


Occasionally boosts the Dazed emotion. These Sims will have trouble gaining skills.


Extreme version of Cheerful, they tend to be very Happy, but can creep out most other Sims.


Occasionally boosts the Bored emotion. These Sims require more fun than others, but they can be the life of the party if they're having a good time.


Extreme version of Calm, these Sims have a powerful, permanent bonus to the Fine mood. If something terrible happens and causes them to experience a negative emotion, it may take some time for them to re-calibrate.


Portuguese (thank you, ManyWhiTe and Eve Kmax!)
French (thank you, Candyman and AngryTeaDrinker!)
Russian (thank you, chibichibigames!)
Italian (thank you, Robertas92 and ISY!)
Spanish (thank you, tyttamarzh!)
  Alternate translation available here (thank you, Team Onnya!)
German (thank you, crispdinonuggies, LittleDog1002, and NC4T!)
Polish (thank you, lolikola and Astercholik!)
Czech (thank you, Elenha!)
Danish (thank you, Julesthedane!)
Dutch (thank you, maramsp!)
Chinese (thank you, WANZI!)

New translations are always welcome!


This mod only requires the base game of The Sims 4, but many of the traits will have more features when additional packs are installed.

Additional Credits

Zerbu for creating the Mod Constructor V4
Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
Sresla for walking me through my first trait and consistently helping me navigate the MC4 software
Flerb for helping me learn how to edit code in S4S
Basemental, Roburky, and Triplis for helping me fine-tune the features of my custom moodlets
LittleMsSam and Bushygamer for their help with troubleshooting
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community for their continuous help and support throughout the whole modding process

Discord Server

For bug reports, live troubleshooting, discussion of my mods, and general chit-chat, please join us on the Sims After Dark Discord server. It is a joint mod support server for LeRoiDeToutShinobu NoxNC4T/Keke, and myself. 

Join us here!

Supporting My Mods

This mod and all of my others are free to download and will remain so. If you'd like to support their continued development, you can donate to my Patreon. I occasionally post progress updates and exclusive access to beta versions of my newer mods.

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StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Tagsmod, Sims 4


[Kuttoe] NewEmotionalTraits.zip 391 kB
[Kuttoe] NewEmotionalTraits-BaseGame.zip 388 kB

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip archive. Add the NewEmotionalTraits package file to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder or a subfolder in that directory. Then add as many of the trait package files as you desire to the same folder.

If you do not have both the Get Famous and Snowy Escape expansion packs, download and install the "BaseGame" version instead. 

Development log


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The oblivious trait is causing an LE in my game.  

Come to the Discord server and upload the error report

Great mods! Thank you kindly for your work.

Any plans on updating your trait mods to make them discoverable in gameplay, like in the new expansion?

It's on the list, but it's quite a bit of work to make all the necessary adventure moments and dialogue, and insert them into the right interactions and situations.

No rush, I understand! Thank you. Just wanted to say again that your work is appreciated.

I'm looking forward to your traits being updates for Growing Together! My sims feel so bland without them...

Hiii! I just wanted to ask if your mod has to be updated or not because of the infant update and growing together game pack? Because I've deleted the mod for now as long as I'm not sure!

Aside from the arrogant trait (im assuming) are there any features from this mod that causes sims to randomly insult each other? I noticed in the recent update for this mod the changelog mentioned the mean/romantic interactions fix, but upon downloading the latest version, these mean interactions still happen.


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Hiii! I'm here from curseforge. It says you also have dutch translation included but coward is still in english. The moodlets are in english as well :). I don't really mind but maybe it can be fixed sometime

Hi there. It's probably the case that the Dutch translation was added before I made the Coward trait, so it lacks any of the newer strings. I don't know how to speak Dutch myself so I can't update it, unfortunately. Of course, I'm happy to include an updated translation from a Dutch speaker if someone wants to make one.

Hiii, That makes sense! I'm not sure how hard it is to make one? Or if I could translate it and you can add it? If so I could translate it :). If not I could look up how it all works I'm a pretty fast learner! Let me know!

If you join the Discord server, my friend ISY has written some helpful guides on how to make translations for a few different softwares. And if you still have trouble, they're around to help you, too.

Sorry I'm just reading this now! I'll check it out :)!

The Egghead trait doesn’t work with all mental skills, at least video gaming, not sure what else tho. Unless I’m doing it wrong, I thought I have to engage in any mental skill building when I get the moodlet about an idea.

Video games were deliberately excluded, despite being classed as a mental skill by the game, as they don't fit the theme of productivity.  Your Sim will have more luck working on Handiness, Rocket Science, Research, Archeology, or even their homework.

Hi, does this work with the recent updates? It only says game version 1.92 I've been waiting to update my game so im not sure if this mod still works with the recent updates or not.

Yes. The patch number is just the last time it needed an update.

Oh I see, thank you so much!

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Hi! I translated your mod to Portuguese, you can find it at: 


how can i download the Portuguese translation ?

I received this error from my Better Exceptions report.

Possible Cause (Confidence: 100%) \Kuttoe\[Kuttoe] NewEmotionalTraits - DaydreamerTrait.package
Reason [rez] Posture graph threw an exception while being queried by autonomy: (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'posture_type')

I'd need to see the whole file, this snippet doesn't tell me anything. Please join us on Discord and I or one of my friends can take a look.

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I do too, and I am also here to report this  lol

I'd need to see the whole file, that snippet doesn't tell me anything. Please join us on Discord and I or one of my friends can take a look.

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Hello, I updated the Spanish translation, I send you the strings and in a package format too, I don't know which one is easier for you to use. 


reetings ♥

Thank you! I'll get these added in the next update. :)

Hi! For the egghead trait the "tense" emotion makes it so that the character can't actually engage in mental activities and gets sad after because I can't get her to do anything. Is there something I'm missing that I'm supposed to do?

I wouldn't think the Fixated moodlet would be strong enough to cause that effect. Did your Sim have any other negative moodlets contributing to her mood? If you need more in depth troubleshooting on this issue, please join us on Discord and I or one of my friends can take a look.

Nothing else usually! I’ll try and cheat them up to 100% everything when it comes to food, fun, etc, and the moodlet still makes it so they can’t do anything. Usually I have my sim just watch TV or wind down with classical music for a couple hours but then they get sad from “lost idea” moodlet which I don’t know how to have an alternate outcome.

That should not be the case. Is this happening with my mods by themselves or other things installed?  If you need more in depth troubleshooting on this issue, please join us on Discord and I or one of my friends can take a look.

What is the "NOGF" version for?

That is for users without the Get Famous pack installed.

I can't seem to download this ! I have no ad blockers on at all :((

The download is working as far as I can tell. Try adjusting your firewall or use the itchio app.

I have translated your mod into the dutch language! Thank you very much for your initial work!


Thank you! I have now added these into the mod and added your name to the credits. :)

im sorry... but can u pls send me the portuguese translation link for download?? thank u!

The Portuguese translation is already included in the mod. There's no separate link.

ooh thank u! I love this mod <3


Your traits make a lot of sense, thank you and cheers


Glad you enjoy them. :)

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thank u for ur hard work, i love all ur traits! i wanted to let u know that the combined package files for these traits, the hobby ones, and the spa day ones dont show up in game. if i use the individual trait package files they work just fine tho!

That is not a combined package, that is the main file that holds info used by more than one trait. Make sure you are installing that along with whatever traits you want.

i dont understand why my sims are tagged as "cc" even when they don't have any of this traits, but it happens with specific traits like romantic. ts4 tray importer tells me they have newemotionaltraits on, lol.


New Emotional Traits makes some minor changes to some base game mods to get the conflicts working correctly (for example, so you won't have the Gloomy and Perky traits on the same Sim). The full list of traits affected like this are Genius, Self-Assured, Hot-Headed, Creative, Cheerful, Gloomy, Outgoing, and Self-Absorbed. 

I'm also having issues downloading and opening the rar files for your traits. Tried different browsers, other websites, turning off my firewall, using incognito, and internet connection. Keeps telling me the files are corrupted and/or incomplete/partial.  Tried other rar and zip files from other sources. They downloaded, unpacked, and worked fine.

There's really not anything I can do about this, the download works fine when I try it from my side. The only things I can suggest is to completely clear your browser's cookies and cache, or try a different zip program like 7zip. 


7zip was the answer. Something about other openers would not support the files. Unsure why. Thanks for the help.

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hi,i dowloaded this but when i unzip or open it it says that the file is damaged or unknown,what should i do?

If your file is corrupt, try re-downloading it, possibly in incognito mode or with a different browser to make sure you're not using the cache. If you're having trouble unzipping it, you may need to use a program like 7zip or WinRAR. 

I downloaded it again and again but it still says its unknown or damaged I use winrar to unzip but its still say it again

I even downloaded it from modthesims but it still says its damaged or unknown

I tried to download it in my phone but it says it cant be unzipped

I don't have any other solutions, sorry. If it's not working for you on multiple websites and through multiple browsers, then it might be a problem with your firewall or internet connection, and I cannot help with that.

Hello, I translated your Emotional Traits to Czech, here's link: https://megafile.cc/d/g6pN/kuttoe-emotional-traits-cz-byelenha

Thank you for these translations! I have now added them to the mod. :)

Is anyone else having a problem with Jungle Adventure? It seems like this mod is causing vendor issues with that pack for me. In the plaza at Selvadorada, the vendor is unable to open the food stall, but will keep trying over and over again.

Have you confirmed this by testing with my mod by itself? There's nothing in here that touches the Jungle Adventure code so this doesn't make any sense to me.

I did! But I actually reverted back to an earlier version of the save and it is no longer happening, so I'm not sure what was going on there...

Hey Kuttoe! I have literally all your traits in my game (emotional, Hobby, and spa) and I use them on all my sims. Lumpinou released a mod called "First Impressions". The mod reads a sim's traits to determine what sentiment to give them. It only recognizes traits that have been integrated into the mod. Lumpinou in her mod description stated that they would willing to talk to other mod creators about making their traits compatible! Here's the quote: 

"Custom traits are not recognized. If you want your fav custom traits to be integrated, feel free to suggest (politely) to a creator to write to me, if they are willing to have their traits integrated into the system, I can do that!"

I hope you consider contacting Lumpinou! <3 Your traits are my favorite and I love them so much! Your traits and Lumpinou's mod made compatible would be awesome because it would add even more depth to the game. 

Thank you! <3 <3

Hello there! I reached out to Lumpinou and my traits should be recognized in a future update. :)

OMG! I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you so much <3

Hey sorry, but is this mod compatible with the most recent update like two days ago? I'm having problems with trait  mods again. Also I love these traits! I suggest maybe a emo or edgy/goth trait? Or like a bipolar or anxiety one? That would be cool!

Yep, my mods are compatible with the recent patch. Glad you like them! :)

Hi Kuttoe!   I love your mods.  I would also love an Edgy trait and a Brave trait as well.  Would you be willing to make these?  If so, that would be awesome :) 

Sorry to ask, but do you still have versions of your hobby and emotional trait mods that are compatible with the 1.63 patch? Your traits seem really cool and I'd love to use them with some of my sims, but I'm still using an older patch because the newer ones break some of the mods I'm using. I understand if you don't have the files still. Thank you! 

Does this work with the Snowy Escape Patch?

Yes, my mods are compatible with the recent patch. I will do another lookover soon to see if they need any further updates to accommodate the new pack features.

Is it alright to delete the package file for a trait if we don't want it? I don't think that I want the egghead and insecure trait, but I do like the other ones.

Yes, that's fine. They're meant to be "pick-and-choose".

Oh. Okay then. That's cool. One last question about the package files. Why is newemotional trait. package a file? I downloaded other traits before and I just downloaded the trait file itself for like mental disorders. I'm guessing it's to help the other traits out, which is fine. I guess that I'm just curious since it's a different method from the previous traits that I've downloaded beforehand. 


NewEmotionalTraits.package contains some assets that are shared between several traits in the pack, and helps everything work together, yeah. Having a "main" file like that helped me separate out the others so you can pick and choose the traits you want, instead of being forced to a merged package file or miss out on certain features/bug fixes. For my other trait packs, this sort of file is a ts4script, but due to how the game handles certain things in code, I needed to use a package file for this set.

(1 edit)

That's pretty cool. I'm glad that you chose to make the mod like that since I don't want to make my sims feel embarrassed/bad, but I'm okay with them feeling dazed and stuff. I think that it's actually a pretty cool idea to go and make extreme versions of BG traits. They probably won't break as easily due to having backbone coding beforehand, and it's just a nice touch overall. Thanks for making the traits. :)

do these work with the new patch update?

Everything appears to be working.

okay thank you!

Both trait mods dont appear in game. they load up when i check my script mods, but in cas, they are not there

Did you install the package files as well? Try deleting the file called Resource.cfg in your main Mods folder, too. The game will generate a new one once you load.

No, just where would this package file be? A package file doesnt download when i try

Are you unzipping the mod? 

when download, its a rar, but my rar opener keeps saying theres an error when i try to unpackage it or even convert it to a zip. 

What program are you using to open the rar? Have you tried a fresh download?

Thank you for the mods! Just wanted to make a suggestion: could you consider renaming your files to remove the spaces and brackets around your name? Mods named like that need to be renamed when the game loads them, which makes loading times longer. Normally I just rename them myself but a few of your mods include script files, so I'm wary of renaming those.


This issue with special characters is specific to Macs, right? I have heard about this a while ago, but I'm pretty unfamiliar with those systems. Renaming all my files now would take a lot of reorganization effort on my end and introduce a huge risk of people installing duplicate mods when they update my stuff, so I won't be doing that, sorry. There are tools available that will remove special characters from the filenames in mass, such as File Renamer (https://www.filerenamer.com/). And to reassure you, my script files are perfectly safe to rename. I often go through a few names while I test before releasing. 

hi i tried downloading this but i didnt get a zip file :( and it didnt appear in game 

I downloaded these traits, and whenever I try to play I always get a message that says The game failed to load, with an error code, and a last exception file in my Sims 4 folder. I attached a picture below, and I already checked to make sure it wasn't any of my other mods or CC. It also gives a white outline to the hair on one of my sims which is CC. I don't know if I its something I did wrong when installing it into the game because I can see all the traits in CAS mode. Does this mod conflict with any other mods.


Error 140:645fba83 comes from broken event/party mods, especially ones from BPS like the Baby Shower mod or Funeral mod. Weird streaks in CC hair is usually caused by running the game in laptop mode. My mods shouldn't be capable of causing either issue here. If you are getting this issue with only my mods installed and nothing else, then please upload the LastException file and I will take a look.

Thank you I tried it again with just you using just your mod, instead of running the game with my other mods to see if I got the error, and then adding you mod, and found out that I don't see the error with just your mod in it. Thank you for the help.


Sorry to be a pain, but I downloaded these traits and they are not appearing in my game. I thought there may be a clash with other mods - I removed all my mods folder and custom content and still the traits wouldn't appear in my game. Not sure if it is something wrong I am doing

How have you installed it? What folder did you put it in? Have you unzipped it?

Thank you, sorry about being thick, I didn't unzip it (or thought I had to unzip it as it didn't have a file/ folder icon in my downloads) Sorry about wasting your time. :)