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Last updated April 1st, 2023

Latest Patch Notes


  • Barista shifts have changed again due to popular request and now offers three options: early morning (5am - 8am), afternoon (4pm - 7pm), and all day (8am - 2pm)


  • Added defensive scripting to prevent mod conflicts with older mods that override parts of career interactions with outdated code
  • Pay rates for the Influencer and Streamer careers have been adjusted
  • Adult versions of some part-time careers have had their schedule adjusted to give them more hours (and more money) since they don't need to worry about going to high school
  • Selling apps, plugins, and games made with the Programming skill now give some Entrepreneur skill
  • Investing in Bess Sterling's company now gives some Entrepreneur skill
  • The "Fill Out Reports" interaction from the Business career now gives some Entrepreneur skill


  • Fixed errors with the Socialize With Coworkers and Make Friends interactions
  • Fixed issue where Skill Classes would not award any skill progress
  • Fixed issue with degree bonuses if Degree Nerf was not installed


  • Updated for compatibility with the new patch
  • New "MusicianOutfitChange" addon, changes the career outfit for the Musician branch of the Entertainer career to random Party outfits instead of a formal suit/gown
  • For players with High School Years, certain jobs now require the Entrepreneur skill
  • For players with High School Years, the "Make Business Calls" interaction from the Business career builds the Entrepreneur skill
  • For players using the Degree Nerf addon, earning the necessary degrees to be a doctor will now skip to level 7
  • For players with Discover University, skill classes are now much more effective for Sims with a low level in that skill, and less effective at high levels
  • For players with Discover University, the Bartending Cert now only requires 4 classes instead of 12
  • For players with Dream Home Decorator, failing an Interior Decorator gig now pays 35% of the expected fee instead of 0% (critical failures still pay 0%)

For earlier patch notes, click here.

This mod is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s careers aimed at making career progression more difficult and engaging. This includes a crunch down of all pay rates at lower levels, more exponential pay growth with promotion levels for most careers, a re-thinking of top level pay rates to better align careers with their real life counterparts and game requirements, higher skill requirements across the board, and brand new promotion goals like degrees, friends, and fame level.

Main Features

New Promotion Goals

Careers will now ramp up their skill requirements faster and will require a greater variety of skills and non-skill requirements. Athletes will need to stay in good shape, botanists will need to learn about herbalism, doctors will need a lot of education, several careers will require you to develop and maintain a certain level of fame, and business-focused careers see the return of a friend requirement.

Entertainers have had their skill requirements completely redone. Before your Sim enters a specific branch, any kind of performance skill at all will now satisfy the requirement instead of the specific combination of comedy and guitar. Musicians can learn any two musical skills in order to advance; if you want your Sim to be a rock star instead of a pianist, the guitar and singing skills will work just as well! Comedians will still need to learn comedy, of course, but will now require some Acting skill at higher levels.

Pay Rate Changes

The hourly pay rates of every job have been completely retuned. Pay curves have been crunched down so that pay rates at lower job levels start lower and rise slower at first. Pay rates at top levels are even higher than normal, and base pay at level 10 have been realigned to better reflect real-life careers and game difficulty. Pay jumps tend to be right after the job requires a university degree or after you pick a branch. The overall pay for most careers now has a more exponential growth curve. Promotions now always ensure a higher weekly pay instead of losing money due to working fewer days, except in very rare instances for narrative reasons (e.g. leaving a software development job to become a professional gamer). 

Fame Bonus

If Get Famous is installed, your Sim will get paid more in careers where it would be advantageous (Entertainer, Stylist, Celebrity Chef, etc) by having a higher fame level. Their pay will be increased by 5% per level, up to a maximum of 25%.

Reputation Changes

If Get Famous is installed, Criminals, Smugglers, and Villains now lose an amount of reputation every time they go to work. How much they lose depends on their job level and current fame level.

Goodie Bags

For Sims working in the Culinary and Fast Food career tracks, there is a change from them to bring home a large plate of free food after each shift. This chance is much higher for Gluttons, Foodies, Lazy Sims, and any Sim who returns home from work with low Energy, but the odds are lower for Health Nuts. The food they can bring home depends on their job level and if they are a vegetarian. 

If Basemental Drugs is installed, Sims in the Criminal career (Boss Track) have a chance to bring home drugs. This chance is higher for Clubber and Psychonauts, but is zero for Straight Edge Sims.

Coworker Changes

Sims will now meet their coworkers passively while working normally or working hard, but will not develop any relationship with them. Actively socializing with their coworkers will gain relationship at an increased rate.

Optional Addon

Degree Reward Nerfs
(requires Discover University)

Most careers will now require some kind of degree to reach the top, but the starting position for Sims with degrees is now far lower. Honors degrees and distinguished degrees still provide a greater bonus, but now most jobs start around level 4 or 5 with the relevant degree. Degrees still provide the same bonus to pay and vacation day accumulation, and playing for the college soccer and e-sports teams still provide the same starting position as before.

Known Issues

The game isn’t really prepared for Sims to un-qualify for promotion goals. There’s a couple of oddities that can arise from that.

Sims who had careers before you installed the mod and had started progressing through some of their promotion goals will keep some of their goals in the complete state, even if they no longer qualify in the modded system.

Once Sims cross off a goal, it will stay crossed off for good, even if they wouldn’t be qualified at a later time (e.g. if a Sim loses their fame level and falls below the requirement). To counter this, there are duplicate goals on different career levels so you at least have to meet the requirement once per promotion.

If you notice any other issues, with goals or in general, please let me know!


Italian (thank you, ISY!)
Russian (thank you, Origamika!)
Polish (thank you, Osqar!)
German (thank you, hendryk!)
Portuguese (thank you, melqui1!)
French (thank you, Candyman!)
Spanish (thank you, Mer!)
Chinese (thank you, crimsonlycoris!)

New translations are always welcome!


Most of the basic features of this mod only require the Base Game

The New Promotion Goals feature uses assets from a lot of different packs. To take full advantage of the pack crossover features, it is recommended you have following packs installed:

  • Get Famous (for Fame and Reputation promotion goals in many careers)
  • Discover University (for degree and Research promotion goals in many careers)
  • Get To Work (for Chef promotion goals)
  • Get Together (for Athlete promotion goals)
  • Eco Lifestyle (for Mixologist promotion goals)
  • Outdoor Retreat (for Botanist promotion goals)
  • Spa Day (for Bodybuilder promotion goals)
  • Parenthood (for Education promotion goals)

Without these packs, it may be impossible to fulfill every promotion requirements on certain job levels through normal gameplay. To avoid this, remove the files for packs you don't have installed from the "Pack Content" folder included with the mod. This will allow you to bypass the requirements for things you don't have access to, such as Uni Degrees, pack-related skills, or the fame system. If you would like to play with these goals installed anyway, you can use mods such as MC Command Center or UI Cheats Extension to complete the goal and skip it. 

Known Mod Conflicts

This mod will conflict with any other mods that edit the career promotion requirements, such as Zer0's Degrees Required for Promotions mod. 

The Degree Nerf addon will conflict with any mod that alters degree bonuses or adds new degrees to the game. 

Special Thanks

Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
Alphabetsmells/LeRoiDeTout for his consistent help on the script portion of my mods
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community for their continuous help and support throughout the whole modding process

Discord Server

For bug reports, live troubleshooting, discussion of my mods, and general chit-chat, please join us on the Sims After Dark Discord server. It is a joint mod support server for LeRoiDeToutShinobu NoxNC4T/Keke, and myself. 

Join us here!

Supporting My Mods

This mod and all of my others are free to download and will remain so. If you'd like to support their continued development, you can donate to my Patreon. I occasionally post progress updates and exclusive access to beta versions of my newer mods.

Become a Patron!

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)


[Kuttoe] CareerOverhaulSuite.zip 204 kB
Promotion Requirements Cheat Sheet 1 MB
Pay Rates Cheat Sheet 1 MB

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip archive. Add the main package and ts4script file to your Mods folder or a subfolder which is only one deep. Add as many of the package files from the "Career Goals", "Pack Content", and "Addons" folder as you prefer, or add the entire folder as-is. For organization, it is usually better to keep the files together as they are arranged. 

Development log


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will this conflict with zeros custom degrees?

Привет, ваш мод очень крутой, но он не работает с версией игры 1.99. Когда мод обновится или, может быть, проблема в другом? Хотел попасть в ваш канал в дискорде, но я так понимаю, что там нужна платная подписка

(1 edit)

This is awesome! Do you think -- and this isn't necessarily a request of you, as much as something I'm willing to work on on my own, but you have two mods that address opposite parts of this feature -- it'd be possible to make a mod that makes certain jobs more prevalent in certain areas? 

I know that I (or whoever) would have to do a LOT of restructuring to make that a played feature, since unlike the previous games, you can pretty much join whatever career you want -- it's not like there are only so many jobs to have (although I think there ARE mods out there that do that). But could NPCs that spawn in certain areas be more likely to have certain professions? I'm imagining like -- San Sequoia having more programmers and hackers, Sulani having more retail/food (it's a tourist area) and conservationists, etc. 

[Edit: if this is a thing you think can be done, just don't want to do yourself, any tips on where to dig in are welcome!] 

Hi, I love this mod! I did notice that the manual labor job is now Mon-Fri instead of Sat-Sun, is this supposed to be this way?

would this mod conflict with?
Higher & More Realistic Overmax Pay     (Created by weerbesu)
University - Required Degree... but for promotions

Hiya, I had to pull this mod temporarily, Whicked Whims throws a temper tantrum and the game crashed. The only BEs I've had say there's a 10% chance it's this careers mod.  It happened twice as a worker returned home, and should probably have received a promotion under the original scripting of the game. The worker also received no wages.

For bug reports and troubleshooting, please come to the Discord server.

(1 edit) (-1)

Hi there! Just wanted to report an exception I keep getting on startup. BE reports that it is [Kuttoe] CareerOverhaulSuite.package and gives this reason: [manus] Exception in <class 'sims4.tuning.instances.Kuttoe:CareerOverhaul_snippet_Career_Entrepreneur_AddStatChange'>._tuning_loaded_callback. (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_tuned_values')

Thanks for all your hard work! 

Edit: Just to clarify, this is with the March 23 updated version. 

This is a conflict with another mod. Come to the Discord for troubleshooting and I can help pick out which file is causing this.

Hello again! It turned out to be Zerbu's Turbo Careers. I must have accidentally installed it when I mass-updated my mods for the patch.  


I just wanted to first say that you are amazing and so very talented and I am very grateful for your mods, I simply cannot play the game without them! Thank you!

With that said, I did encounter an issue with this updated mod, with the Detective career - my sim either doesn't get the notification to go to work, or if they do and I choose to "go alone" and they are at work, they just never leave (physically the sim might return sometimes, but the overlay over their picture at the bottom still indicates they are at work). 

Could be that this is something on my end (since I also use MCCC) but I wanted to let you know the issue disappeared as soon as I took out this mod.

Again, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication! You are the best <3

I believe the new update you posted is still broken, i keep getting an MCCC last exception error when i install it. Sims after dark support said its from this mod.

(1 edit)

Leaving a comment to second that it seems to still be broken, at least with MCCC; specifically I'm getting a last exception with career_interactions.py on the _update function. Error message: Exception thrown while calling remove on (TypeError: 'ImmutableSlots' object is not callable), CategoryID: career_interactions:730.

Edit to say that I was so caught up with making sure that I got the error message that I forgot to say thank you for the mod!! Zero pressure, just wanted to provide more data on what it was complaining about.

(1 edit)

Also having this same issue with the same error! Thank you. :)

I am having the same issue as well. career_interactions.py on the _update function. Error message: Exception thrown while calling remove on (TypeError: 'ImmutableSlots' object is not callable), CategoryID: career_interactions:730

thank you :-)

same issue with the same error me to

This mod is absolutely amazing and exactly what the game needs! 

Thank you so much!


I am using this mod currently in  Athlete Career (Professional Athlete branch) and on Starter level it says  to Max Fitness Skill to Level 10.

However my sim  Fitness is  at 7 right now but on the career tab the requirement is already *checked*.

hi, is this up to date? because i'm seeing comments questioning that and i really want to add this mod to my game but don't want to mess anything up. thank you for your hard work!

The mod is working and not causing errors to the best of my knowledge. If you need to report an error or get troubleshooting help, please come join the Discord and I or one of my friends can help you out.

Hello, were the correct files uploaded? Downloading the current file doesn't show anything updated beyond 6/16/2022, which is before the current patch. Thanks!

That date is only on the script, which did not require an update. The package file was updated and has the correct timestamp.

Hi, thanks for the reply. The package file that is included in the zip here says 7/21/21  not 2022. Is that still correct?

Sorry, let me correct that. The package files that needed updating were not the main file, but a number of career goal files spread across several folders. The ones in the current zip file are correct.

ok, thank you!

hi! i can't seem to get the mod to work after the latest update. i updated the mod and tested it without any other mods installed but when my sim graduated university and tried to find a job, it wasn't registering them as graduated and didn't offer any higher levels or have the icon for jobs related to their degree. any assistance would be so appreciated! thx in advance :)

This is intended behavior. If you want the big career skips, remove the Degree Nerf file from the Addons folder.

With the jobs that require a degree to get to level 3 does this mean is a sim graduates high school with an A they will skip this requirement entirely? Because they start careers at level 3? I think this mod is fantastic but I still want these careers to have degree requirements. Thanks in advance for the info and sorry if I missed the answer anywhere.

If the new high school graduation bonuses go higher than before, I may need to make changes to the requirements or those bonuses to make things make sense. It'll require some testing in game to see how all the new systems work, but I will look into this.

this is great but can it work with part time jobs? - i want one my sims to be poor but as a part time "retail" they are earning 98 an hour! (real life is like 12 an hour) - i used to use 50% off for careers by Satira - but its not updated in 2 years and i assume as thats all of the jobs and part time jobs it will interfere with this mod?

Is your Sim significantly overmaxed? The part time retail career should be getting 15 dollars at level 1 and only up to 48 dollars at level 3. If you need more troubleshooting on this issue, please join us on the Discord server.


Hi, I used a cheat to "demote" and then re-premote and it worked (I wasn't overmaxed as i used a mod or cheat to disable that) and it fixed the amounts. Also I switched to a different sim I noticed they got 148 hour but when I demoted and premoted them it changed as well (level 6 or 7 of a career).

So just seemed because I installed the mod while they were already in their jobs the game hadn't updated the amounts yet.

Thanks for reply and Thanks for this awesome mod! (I find sims gets too boring quickly when making too much money to easy)


Do you think it is possible to change chance card outcomes so that the sim gets fired or suspended instead of just getting demoted?


Chance cards are possible to edit and add to, yes, but they're pretty time-consuming and a bit low priority for me right now. On the list, though.

No problem, Kuttoe! 

Any chance we can have a version where a degree in villainy is required for higher levels of the criminal career?

Probably not likely. The criminal field isn't exactly one where academic credentials are necessary to advance, so I'm happy to leave the degree just as a bonus for pay and PTO, and not as a hard requirement. 

Hi Kuttoe! I really want to get your mod, since it seems way better in every way, but I like having a requirement to even be allowed to buy a vet clinic, like I get with one of Zer0's mods, but I can't have both mods since they conflict. Have you considered making a degree requirement for buying a vet clinic? And perhaps a vetinary medicine degree to match?


If you leave just the "Zero_CareersNeedsDegree_Pets.package" file installed from Zer0's mod, it will still work on Vet Clinics and won't conflict with my mod.

Okay, thanks! I'll do that then :)

Hi! I had an issue getting the bartending certificate goal completed in the bartender career. I tried a few different ways of attending a class, both physically going to campus and booking it on the phone/computer but nothing worked, I ended up cheating to go up a level.

I looked into the game code for this, and apparently it requires you to attend the Mixology course 11 times to earn the cert. I think that's a bit much, and I've added a note to nerf that the next time I update the mod.

is the mod compatible with Carl's Difficulty mod? Update 1.34 MORE PURPOSE TO FRIENDS! Carl's Sims 4 Difficulty Mod & Gameplay Overhaul | Carl's Guides on Patreon


I haven't tested with that mod, but it seems likely to conflict with my career mod (and a handful of my other mods) in some way.

Hi! I updated my game and noticed that unfortunately this mod ended up breaking with the recent update. I can't play with the family, infinite loading screen is occurring. Do you have any predictions on when the mod might be updated? He's amazing and almost indispensable to me. Sorry for any inconvenience

The mod is working fine for me. If you're getting an error or last exception, please come into the Discord server for better troubleshooting when you get a chance.

discovered this mod recently and I love every second of it! I was thinking if maybe you could also adjust working hours for specific careers? For example doctors should have much longer shifts than they are right now (maybe 18h or smthg)

Very glad that you like it! For work hours, it may not be possible due to how some of the game's code is organized, but I have started investigating this a little bit to see how it could be done. No promises yet, and I still need to finish another project before I dive back into Career Overhaul. 

I'm so happy to hear it! Playing with this mod turns my game into a different level, I always need to have it in my folder! Another fun idea would be to introduce chance cards for some careers, like spy where you would have few choices where in some cases you could die on a mission etc.

Hey, I am fluent in swedish and I'm on a B2 level in english, can I do the swedish translation? And if so, how?

Hello, and thank you! I always appreciate new translations for my mods. If you need help making one, my friend ISY runs a translator Discord server, where they have tutorials and answer questions.  Here is a link: https://discord.gg/VZsPw4X3vP

Hey Kuttoe, thank you very much for your awesome mod, I love the changes it has made to my game! I am having a little issue though and it could very well be related to the many other mods I have in my game, however just to check...the issue I am having is that when my sim is passively meeting people at work, they are becoming friends without actively engaging with them. I am assuming a few things, it could be from mods, it could be from having a pristine reputation. It wouldn't be an issue, except she is almost permanently sad from 'losing a friend'. So basically I am wondering what you think, or if there is a way to deactivate meeting people passively at work?

That is coming from this mod, yes. You can deactivate it in your settings file ("The Sims 4\saves\Kuttoe\[Kuttoe] CareerOverhaul_Settings.cfg") by opening it and changing "coworker_toggle" to "false".


Oh awesome! Thanks so much!  If you are interested in ideas for future versions, I wonder if it would be doable to have jobs harder to get initially too, such as needing to attend an interview. Anyways, thanks for getting back to me and solving this little issue for me, aside from that, this mod along with a few others have really helped me enjoy the sims 4 again, you are a star!

Glad to hear that. I'd like to get back to working on this mod again soon, once I get my other projects out of the way.

Deleted 2 years ago

Please join the Discord and upload the Better Exceptions report for me there. This is not enough information to go off of. 

If you like the idea, perhaps you can add a chance to receive a pop-up invite from co-workers at the end of work sometimes or a chance for a co-worker to go home with the main sim.

Hi! I just recently tried out this Mod and absolutely loved it, however as I'm interested in also trying Zer0's Custom Degrees and  Required Degree For Promotion Mods I wanted to know if they'd conflict with this as I find it the most likely

Required Degree for Promotion conflicts with my mod since they edit the same thing.  Custom Degrees conflicts with the Degree Nerf Addon so if you want that mod, be sure to remove my addon. 

Thank you!

Does this work for yesterdays patch?

I haven't received any error reports or experienced any issues in my game with it, so it seems to be all good. Are you having any problems with it?

(1 edit)

I really like this mod. Thx for all of the hard work.

Does this work with Zero´s Job finding mod?

Glad you like it. Yes, I believe that mod is compatible with mine.

How can i modify this

Hello, is Your mod compatible with Zerbu Turbo Careers mod?

I believe so, but I have not thoroughly tested the combo. Try it out if you'd like and let me know the results.


Chinese translation https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_TSOFjS_GfQgVnCHeVlArR5lV5F618kf/view?usp=shari...

I'm extremely sorry, I already have a Chinese translation from crimsonlycoris, but something must have happened with the most recent upload and it wasn't merged in properly. I've uploaded a fixed version of the mod now so that the Chinese translation will appear correctly in game. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and for the effort you put into making this for me.

Hi, Kuttoe. Does this add Work From Home assignments to more careers?

This mod does not, but it is compatible with the "Work From Home" mods by NoelleBellefleur. They haven't been updated in a while, but Noelle says they are still (99%) working.

Thank you for this. Keep safe.

Just wanted to know if you have given any thought to changing the pay of the part time jobs. I love this mod by the way.

Many of the part time jobs have been adjusted, especially for teens. Is there a career you think should be very different? Glad you like the mod.  :)

Hi I notice the pay of the the manual labour career barely has been changed. I think getting paid 70$ and hour at level 3 seems a bit excessive 

For adult Sims, this was intentional; teens have half the pay. With the hours that the Manual Labor career works, $70/hour comes out to just $700/week, which is on par or below most other careers around the same level.  Combined with their inability to advance their career any further, this seemed like fair compensation. 

Hi, I actually was just wondering if you could update the mod so that sims with two degrees would start at that job level. My sim finished two degrees (psychology and biology) and I was expecting for them to start off as a general practitioner, but it only started them as a nurse.

Hm, I can see why that would be disappointing. Currently, the game's code only supports a boost for one degree (or other trait) at a time, but I'll look into it and see if I can come up with a workaround or new code.

Thank you so much!

Hi, do you mind updating the cheat sheets with the Home Decorating career?

I haven't made any changes to the new career yet, and it doesn't have any skill requirements anyway. It's a new type of freelance so I'm still getting a feel for how it works both in the game and in the code.

Hi, I was just wondering what a technical degree was. I saw it in the cheat sheet, and was a bit confused.

A technical degree is any of the more scientific-oriented degrees which are considered Distinguished programs at Foxbury (Biology, Comp Sci, Economics, Physics, Psychology, Villainy).

With this mod does the promotion requirement bar ever go down if you don't meet your goals/do well at work? I know it never does in the base game, and it's not really mentioned on the page, jw thank you

No, the performance bar behaves the same and is based on their attendance and work tone. There's not really anything I want to or plan to do with the performance bar itself, but I do have ideas for the work tones.

Thank you so much for answering! I've actually been thinking about this a lot since I saw ur reply. I hope it's not too rude to ask but if that's the case do you think it would be safe to pair this mod with Harder Career Progression by Lotharihoe, link: https://lotharihoe.tumblr.com/post/632428098212823040/harder-career-progression-...

It's all about making the promotion bar more real, allowing it to go up and down. I love a lot of their work as well as yours, similar vibe. I think they could pair well if they don't conflict 😅 thank you so much either way. 

This mod does look like it conflicts with mine in a few places. I think I see the merit of what they're doing and what kind of feature you are after, though. I'll keep it in mind for future versions of the career overhaul and see where I can make things fit in.

That's so cool, thank you! Looking forward to it, and for now, I'll stick with this one solo <3

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