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Last updated: March 20th, 2020

Working for The Sims 4 v1.72 / Bunk Bed Patch

This mod is a series of changes that tweaks several aspects of casting spells and learning them in Realm of Magic. This makes playing a Spellcaster more challenging and entertaining. You'll need to keep a more careful watch over your Charge Meter!


Copypasto Nerf

Conjuring random matter from the ether is a fun parlor trick suitable for even novice Spellcasters, but weaving magical energies into an exact copy of something requires expertise, finesse, and, more than anything else, effort.

Casting Copypasto now generates far more Charge (200 points per cast up from 40). Low rank Spellcasters will likely only get one cast before risking an Overload.

Dedeathify Nerf

Did you really think crossing the fabrics of life and death would be that simple?

Casting Dedeathify now generates far more Charge (300 points per cast up from 40). Spellcasters are almost guaranteed to Overload if they do not pick up any perks beforehand.

Discharge Drain

Discharging is a useful and responsible way to avoid Overloading, but magical energy tends to be a bit "sticky" for lack of a better term.

Using Discharge now reduces your Sim's Energy need by 15% (up from 0%).

Learning Changes

There's only so much I can teach you by showing you. True learning comes from applying yourself to your studies. Keep your head in your books, and remember: practice makes perfect!

Sims can search for new tomes every two hours (down from 12 hours).
Sims can ask the Sages for spells directly once every 60 hours (up from 24 hours).
Learning spells from Practice or Dueling is unchanged.

More Charge Gain

Be careful, young one! You can't go around casting spells so frivolously. Take time to consider each one carefully and thoughtfully lest you find yourself on the wrong end of an explosion.

All spells now generate more Charge (50 points per cast up from 40).
Practicing magic now generates more Charge (2 points per tick up from 0.25)
The Charge Control perk now reduces Charge by 15% (down from 25%).


This mod contains no custom strings and is compatible with all languages.


This mod requires the Realm of Magic game pack.

Special Thanks

Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community for their continuous help and support throughout the whole modding process

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Supporting My Mods

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[Kuttoe] SpellcasterTweaks.rar 21 kB

Install instructions

Standard installation. Each feature on the list is a separate package file. You can install just one, all five, or any amount you desire. Add the package files to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder or to a subfolder in that directory.


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Hi! seems the file is broken. Is it just me?

Just you. Can you be more specific about your problem? If you need help troubleshooting, the Discord server is the best place to get help.

Does this pack work with the UI Cheats update that added cheats for spellcasting?

Most likely, yes. UI Cheats uses it own scripts to manage the spellcaster rankings and shouldn't have any conflicts.