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Last updated August 1st, 2023

Latest Patch Notes


  • Updated for compatibility with patch 1.99


  • Both traits are now recognized by the new social compatibility system
  • Recategorized all social interactions into subcategories to match the game
  • All social interactions are now recognized by the new conversation preference system

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This trait pack adds two new Lifestyle traits which integrate into the features of the Spa Day game pack and give you a few new reasons to visit a spa lot. Each trait comes with new moodlets, social interactions with custom loots and speech bubbles, and whim sets.

Traits Included in This Pack

Health Nut

These Sims take their health and wellness very seriously. They get powerful moodlets from yoga, and will enjoy other forms of cardio, using a sauna, and drinking tea.

These Sims get a bonus to the Wellness skill and their Energy need decays slightly slower than other Sims.


These Sims abhor menial tasks and household chores, but their mood will immediately improve when they are pampered. They usually see cooking, cleaning, gardening, and doing repairs as beneath them, and demand some time set aside for soaks in a bath or hot tub, or deep tissue massages. Consider hiring a maid or a butler for them!

These Sims will struggle at careers that involve physical labor like Military, Manual Labor, and Fast Food, but they excel at the Critic career.

Unlike most Sims, Lavish Sims hate Tiny Home lots; they receive none of the personal bonuses like improved mood and skills, and instead will get penalties. The smaller the house, the greater their stress!


Portuguese (thank you, francislorenzi!)
Russian (thank you, Yuffie!)
Polish (thank you, oksytocyna and Astercholik!)
Chinese (thank you, mumulinovo!)
Italian (thank you, ISY!)
French (thank you, Candyman!)
German (thank you, xxicedragon and LittleDog1002!)
Spanish (thank you, Team Onnya!)
  South American variant available (thanks, gab093lligth!)
Dutch (thank you, GothiqueAngel!)

New translations are always welcome!


These traits were made with the Spa Day game pack in mind, but are technically compatible with the Base Game. Other packs will enable more features. 

Special Thanks

Zerbu for creating the Mod Constructor V4
Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
BushyGamer for playtesting
Alphabetsmells/LeRoiDeTout for helping massively with the script portion of this mod
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community for their continuous help and support throughout the whole modding process

Discord Server

For bug reports, live troubleshooting, discussion of my mods, and general chit-chat, please join us on the Sims After Dark Discord server. It is a joint mod support server for LeRoiDeToutShinobu NoxNC4T/Keke, and myself. 

Join us here!

Supporting My Mods

This mod and all of my others are free to download and will remain so. If you'd like to support their continued development, you can donate to my Patreon. I occasionally post progress updates and exclusive access to beta versions of my newer mods.

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[Kuttoe] NewSpaDayTraits.zip 141 kB
[Kuttoe] NewSpaDayTraits-SouthAmericanSpanish.zip 2 kB

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip archive. Add the main NewSpaDayTraits package and ts4script files to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder or a subfolder in that directory. Then add one or both traits to the same folder. Keep all package files and script files paired together in order for the social interactions to work properly. Since this involves script files, these traits can only be placed one subfolder deep.

Development log


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Hi, I made a Spanish translation of both traits, how an i send it to you?

Hello and thanks again! :) I answered this on the Hobby Traits page, but just in case here it is again:

The easiest ways to send it are uploading it to a file sharing service such as Google Drive and posting the link here, or sending the file to me over Discord. My friend Isy runs a server for translators, and I can be contacted there. Here is a link: https://discord.gg/5Pw5uk3m

Hi.Im from Turkey and I love your mods and I wanna translate to turkish but I dont know which programme I have to use if you tell me I can make also love u 

Hello there, thank you for the consideration! My friend, Isy, has a Discord server for Sims 4 translators where you can read tutorials for different programs and get help with making the files. Here is an invite: