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Last updated August 1st, 2023

Latest Patch Notes


  • Updated for compatibility with patch 1.99
  • Nectar-making interactions count for the Artisan skill


  • All traits are now recognized by the new social compatibility system
  • Recategorized all social interactions into subcategories to match the game
  • All social interactions are now recognized by the new conversation preference system

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This trait pack adds a total of eight new traits (six Hobby traits and two others) most of which require your Sim to regularly participate in their favorite pastime or else risk becoming stressed out. Each trait comes with new moodlets, social interactions with custom loots and speech bubbles, and whim sets.

Traits Included in This Pack


These Sims enjoy making things by hand, and will become Happy when woodworking, making flower arrangements, or baking.


These Sims love to take part in games of skill. They get strong moodlets from winning or losing a game, and may become Bored if they don’t take part in competitions for too long. 

(Social Trait)


These Sims love to work in their garden. They get Happy anytime they are working with plants,  and they enjoy harvesting the fruits of their labor most of all.

Movie Buff

These Sims love to watch movies and talk about them. They get strong moodlets after the film is over (for better or worse) and get benefits by sharing their thoughts on the quality of the film with others.


These Sims love to write books, blog posts, and journal entries. Anything with the written word with keep them Happy.


These Sims are old-fashioned and get stressed out by any new technology with more than two buttons. They’re acutely aware of the ever-present and looming threat of robot overlords. 

Technophobes will struggle with any technologically minded skill, especially Programming and Robotics, and will see further penalties to any career involving these skills. They may have a strong reaction to seeing a Servo in person. 

(Lifestyle Trait)


These Sims love to know what makes things tick. They love doing upgrades, working on robots, and programming. Tinkers get a bonus to mechanical skills like Programming, Handiness, Rocket Science, and Robotics. Building and activating a Servo is as fulfilling to Tinkers as having a baby would be for most other Sims. 


These Sims love to take part in and experience culture. They like going on vacation, attending festivals, and posting about it on social media. These Sims will get stressed out if they don't go on vacation or to a festival in a while.

Going on great vacations can give these Sims powerful moodlets that give bonuses to careers, skills, and relationships.

Worldly Sims get a bonus to the Selvadorado Culture skill, and excel at the Social Media and Secret Agent careers.


Traditional Chinese (thank you, 000263!)
Portuguese (thank you, ArturLira and Eve Kmax!)
Italian (thank you, Birdolina! and thank you, ISY, for the updates!)
French (thank you, Kimikosoma!)
Polish (thank you, oksytocyna and Astercholik!)
Russian (thank you, AnnieHugss!)
Spanish (thank you, Team Onnya!)
  South American variant available (thanks, gab093lligth!)
German (thank you, LittleDog1002/Roland!)
Danish (thank you, Julesthedane!)
Simplified Chinese (thank you, AJia!)
Dutch (thank you, GothiqueAngel!)

New translations are always welcome!


Most traits only require the base game, but certain ones will need specific packs to be useful. Competitive uses assets from Get Together and City Living. Movie Buff explicitly requires Movie Hangout Stuff.

Special Thanks

Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
NateTheL0ser for helping me with creating custom social interactions
Akirachu for helping me playtest and identify bugs
Alphabetsmells/LeRoiDeTout for helping massively with the script portion of this mod
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community for their continuous help and support throughout the whole modding process

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For bug reports, live troubleshooting, discussion of my mods, and general chit-chat, please join us on the Sims After Dark Discord server. It is a joint mod support server for LeRoiDeToutShinobu NoxNC4T/Keke, and myself. 

Join us here!

Supporting My Mods

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[Kuttoe] NewHobbyTraits-SouthAmericanSpanish.zip 8 kB
[Kuttoe] NewHobbyTraits.zip 509 kB

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip archive. Add the main NewHobbyTraits package and ts4script files to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder or a subfolder in that directory. Then add as many of the trait package files as you desire to the same folder. Since this involves a script file, these traits should only be placed one subfolder deep. 

Development log


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I wanted to let you know that the Artisan Trait is being reported as broken by Better Expections. It says "Exception raised while processing zone spin up sequence: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'preference_subject' (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'preference_subject')". The error was actually keeping me from playing a family at all because one of them had the Artisan trait.

Sorry, I know I'm supposed to use the Discord, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to let me comment. Just thought you should know though.

Hi! When my sim practices writing, it doesn’t make the tense moodlet from the Scribe trait go away. Is this intentional?

(1 edit)

Hi! I translated your mod to Portuguese, you can find it at: 


Thank you for the new translations and updates! I have added these into the mods you posted on now, and added you to the credits. :)

hi, do scribe and horticulturist traits have skill & career bonuses (writing & gardening respectively)? thank you

There's no direct bonuses to those skills or careers, just that training the relevant skills will put them in a good mood which has indirect bonuses. 

hello! the icons for some of the traits don't show up and a llama does instead :(( how do i fix this?

Hi there, which traits have missing icons? For mod troubleshooting, please come to the Discord server.

(1 edit)

wordly and competitive don't have an icon , i own city living , seasons , bowling night and dine out, idk if that matters, some other custom traits dont have icons too

(1 edit)

hey i was wondering if you could make this  mod use the new likes/dislikes system in cas, so instead of having to add traits to sims we could pick your hobbies from the likes/dislikes menu

My traits don't function like preferences do, and converting them would be quite a bit of work. I have plans for using the preferences in a few ways, but I will not be moving my existing traits into that system.

Hi there! Love your mod, adds much needed depth to the traits system. I'm getting this error whenever I use a social associated with the Horticulturalist trait, just wanted to know if it's on my end  or something else? Thanks in advance!

Hi there, can you head over to my support channel on the Discord server to troubleshoot the issue? I would need to see the actual error report file to understand what is happening.

(1 edit)

Hi, the Competitive traits seems broken as I can't complete the "Win a Soccer Game" requirement in University Soccer Player career (Discover University EP) and in some replays I get both Winning and Losing moodlets at the same time.

Thank you for the report! I think I've figured out where the problem is coming from and I will try to have an update for it soon.

hi some of the buffs for competitive say the sim was "competiting" instead of competing, also some of your mods say they updated on the 23th which doesn't exist hehe. thanks for all your work i look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

Thank you for finding these typos! I'll get them fixed for the next update. :)

Hi I have feedback for the scribe trait. When my sim has the need to write moodlet, it doesn't resolve by writing in the journal and I thought that would be a nice thing to add. Just a suggestion :)

Hello! Writing in a journal is already on the list of interactions that is covered by the mod, so I am not sure why it wouldn't pop up for you. Was it a CC journal or vanilla game? Any other mods that deal with writing installed?

Oh interesting. Vanilla journal. I do have a blog hobby installed. so maybe thats it.

Hi, I made a spanish translation. How can i send it to you?

Hello there, and thank you! The easiest ways to send it are uploading it to a file sharing service such as Google Drive and posting the link here, or sending the file to me over Discord. My friend Isy runs a server for translators, and I can be contacted there. Here is a link: https://discord.gg/5Pw5uk3m

Does it work for the latest update of March 23?



(1 edit)

If it is okay i would like to translate the mod into german? ^^

Of course, I always appreciate new languages for my mods. :)

I have Translate the mod into german with the sims studio ^^

How can i send you the translation? 

You can send it to me on Discord, or upload it to a site like Mediafire or SimsFileShare and post the link here.

Hello, you forgot to add the Russian language to the mod http://simfileshare.net/folder/101286/


I'm really sorry about that! I updated the wrong version and left those out by accident. I will upload a corrected version immediately.

Do these work with the new patch update?

Everything appears to be working.

Hi, I translated into Russian http://simfileshare.net/folder/101286/


Thank you so much! I have added your translations to the traits now. :)