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Last updated August 16th, 2023

Latest Patch Notes


  • Added Dutch translation by gemberveer
  • Updated Polish translation


  • Updated for compatibility with patch 1.99
  • When a Sim dies while serving in war, a portion of Taps is played


  • Cleaned up background code. This should resolve the issue of Sims getting stuck in the war rabbithole in certain situations, and the fatal error when switching households when that happens.


  • Fixed issue that allowed players to send infants to war
  • Overhauled war rabbithole to allow lengthier times away from the home lot
  • Added settings file, see more details below
  • "Tell War Stories" is now recognized by the new conversation preference system

For earlier patch notes, click here.

This mod adds a new self-interaction to Sims to allow them to enlist in a war. This mod was designed with the Decades Challenge in mind to simplify the process of sending Sims to war during certain time periods, and avoid using cowplants or debug cheats to do the deed.  Even if you aren't playing the challenge rules, this mod can also be used for storytelling and roleplay purposes. 

How To Use

To use this feature, click the active Sim (Teen to Adult) navigate to the "Actions..." menu, where you will find an option to "Register for the Draft". A 24 hour moodlet will be added to your Sim with a countdown for when they have to ship out. You can choose this option again while the countdown is active to leave immediately. Once the countdown is up, they will leave the lot for a few days and when it's time for them to return the game will decide their fate. 


By default, Sims have a 50% chance to live or die. Sims who survive will be given the Veteran trait, which gives them a $600 weekly pension but may also cause negative moodlets randomly.  Sims who die will keel over in front of the house, so you do have an opportunity to plead with the Reaper or let Spellcaster familiars to save them. Sims who are spared in this way will still be given the Veteran trait.

Settings File

There is a settings file for this mod that generates in the folder "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves\Kuttoe" after you first play with the mod installed. 

To change your settings, open the "[Kuttoe] EnlistInWar_Settings.cfg" file with Notepad or any text editor and change the number to your desired value. The numbers must be positive, or else they will revert to default.

 "days_spent_at_war" controls how long your Sim will spend time off the lot after shipping out. At the default value of 3, Sims will be gone for 3 days. The minimum value is 1 day, the maximum value is 14 days.

"death_odds_multiplier" controls how likely it is for your Sim to die in the war. At the default value of 1, it's a 50% chance (1/2). At a value of 2, it's a 67% chance (2/3). At a value of 3, it's a 75% chance (3/4). And so on from there. For lower odds, at a value of 0.5, it's a 33% chance (0.5/1.5 or 1/3).


Spanish (thank you, HareShake!)
French (thank you,  Candyman!)
German (thank you, nightlock and LittleDog1002!)
Polish (thank you, Adremi and Astercholik!)
Russian (thank you, AnnieHugss!)
Chinese (thank you, Tina and ttchubb!)
Portuguese (thank you, ju_averaldo!)
Italian (thank you, ISY!)
Czech (thank you, Celine!)
Dutch (thank you, gemberveer!)

New translations are always welcome!


Only the base game is required to use the mod.

Special Thanks

The Sims 4 Studio team for making Sims 4 Studio
Alphabetsmells/LeRoiDeTout for making the custom death script
and the greater The Sims 4 creator community for their continuous help and support throughout the whole modding process

Discord Server

For bug reports, live troubleshooting, discussion of my mods, and general chit-chat, please join us on the Sims After Dark Discord server. It is a joint mod support server for LeRoiDeToutShinobu NoxNC4T/Keke, and myself. 

Join us here!

Supporting My Mods

This mod and all of my others are free to download and will remain so. If you'd like to support their continued development, you can donate to my Patreon. I occasionally post progress updates and exclusive access to beta versions of my newer mods.

Become a Patron!

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tagsmod, Sims 4


[Kuttoe] EnlistInWar.zip 300 kB

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip archive. Add the package file and the ts4script file to your Mods folder or a subfolder which is only one deep. For organization, it is usually better to keep the files together, but not strictly required.

Development log


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the mod is not working for me im unsure what i did incorect


Is there a way to edit the settings to make this repeatable? Like more that one tour of duty?

I have the last update but still i have the issue of sims getting stuck in the war rabbithole :(

What happens if, say, you send a Sim to war who has the immortality trait?


They probably just won't die then.

I think this mod might have a couple of problems. Whenever my Sims come back from war alive, their miniaturized profiles are still greyed out as if they're still not on the lot. And whenever I try to leave and reenter the lot to fix the problem, I get this loading error: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSims4Mods/comments/12e5dgy/help_i_keep_getting_this_...

For help with errors and troubleshooting, please come to the Discord server so I can get more information about your game. For what it's worth, the comments on that thread claim the error was caused by NPCC.

NPCC isn't a mod I have, far as I know.

Awesome! Thank you for keeping this mod up to date!


SUGGESTION -- sims leave for 1 week total. once per day the sim has a 20% chance to die. if the sim survives that day a pop up will appear as a "letter from (sims name)" where the sim will write home about their experience at war. you can write 10-15 letter scenarios and they can randomly be chosen so it changes each day and will be more unique than the same letters every time. if the sim dies, a letter from the war department will appear instead, stating how the sim died (can add different written scenarios with various death in game death options so each sim can die a different way, lol) and the sim will be sent home to die as usual. PLEASE allow users to change the % risk of death. this is my biggest suggestion, as 50% is too high and most wars in human history did not have this high of a death percentage.

hello I dont know if its a bug or its just like that but I was quit sad to see that he didnt go to war for a long time he did go for like to hours end then he came home but I think it is not realistic

Hello, I have a question about how to download and use other language versions of the mod? I have downloaded the file and put it in the mod folder, but it doesn't work. I would appreciate your answer.

If the translation is available, it will show up in the game automatically based on the language you use. Otherwise, it will use English. For troubleshooting, please join the Discord server, and I or one of my teammates will be able to help you with the installation. 

(1 edit)

Hello, I have a problem with the mod, I downloaded both files and deleted the RAR file, but the mod still does not work. I will be glad if you help me

Please join the Discord server for troubleshooting, and I or one of my teammates will be able to help you with the installation. 


sakdasjiojfgklsasa'k'da's'jio'j'f'g 萨克达

hey i used this mod once and honestly i love it so far ! for my story line i want my male sim to be in the military (which then leads to him cheating on his fiancée, leading her to become a single mother ~ don’t ask) and all of the other military career mods that i’ve found don’t work which is probably bc of the military career in the strangerville pack so this is the best that i can get !!! my only issue is that there’s no option for my sim to register again so i’m just wondering if there’s a time limit between registering and registering again ? or can a sim only do it once ?? this mod is pretty cool tho ty :D <3

The mod is designed with the Decades Challenge rules in mind, so it's only intended to be done once, but you can do it multiple times with testing cheats. When those are on, you can shift-click the Sim you want to ship out again and the option will appear in the Actions menu.


First of all I would like to thank this Mod a lot (and sorry for my english), I liked it a lot and I would also like to make a suggestion to add it (if you want, of course). Here in Brazil, some people are summoned by letter. In fact, for men here, enlistment is mandatory for all adolescent men, but pursuing a career is not (this is just an fact of how it is here). To pursue a career it is necessary to take a test.
Now, about the Mod: And thinking about it (summoned by letter), this could be included "also". The Sim (no matter the gender) can either enlist at their choice or receive a summons letter. Eg: A teen Sim who has a gymnastic skill at an X (eg 3) level could receive a summons card. Of course, because this is a Mod, the Sim who receives a summons letter can have the option to reject enlisting and the rejection may or may not have penalty buffs, such as embarrassed for X hours or days. This is just a suggestion. Again I would like to thank you very much for this Mod, thank you very much.


Hi Kuttoe, I just want to say thank you SO much for creating this mod :) 

I’m currently in the 1970’s of my decades challenge and I’ve used this mod for every single war so far. It’s been extremely helpful and my experience would not be the same without it! 

Glad you like it! :D

My male sims just went off to war and they spun into dresses before leaving. How do I change their outfits

I'll test this in game and see if I can reproduce it. In the meantime, can you join the Discord server and upload a screenshot of the outfit your Sim was wearing before and after?

I didn't get a picture :/ If it happens again I will try to remember to get one. Sorry.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi there, glad you like it so far. Do keep in mind that I made this mod with the Decades Challenge in mind instead of realism, so that's why I made it 50/50 odds. I could conceivably add a settings file to this mod so that people can set their own odds, that's something I will look into. In the meantime, I can point you in the right direction for changing the odds yourself. 

In Sims 4 Studio, find the tuning named "Kuttoe_Veteran_loot_DiceRoll". The change the odds, you need to change the tunables called "value" under "MarkedForDeath" and "MarkedForSurvival". If you want a death result 1% of the time, change the Survival value to 99. If you want it 5% of the time, change the Survival value to 19. 

Let me know how it works out for you. Good luck!

Deleted 2 years ago

I just downloaded this mod, everything works perfectly. Except I got this "Fallen Soldier" notification, but my sim came back and didn't die. I know they're supposed to die on the lot, but my sim didn't do that. Does this mean it's broken?

Something does appear to be wrong. I will investigate and try to publish an update soon. Thanks for the report!

This should now be fixed in the newest version. Please test it out when you have a chance and let me know if it goes through this time.


Hi. I have translated this mod into Traditional Chinese. I also have noticed that the previous Chinese translation is not up to date and found quite a few misinterpreted translation in there.  

Below is the DL Link.


Hello, I'd like to make a suggestion: The Sims whom will go to war cut their hair in military style.

(1 edit)


 The mod is not showing up in the game is there something I should do

When I downloaded it only one file appeared so I assume that is the only issue 

Did you unzip the files? There should be two.

there wasn't one to unzip it download as one file


It downloads as a rar file, which you need to unzip. You can use a program like 7zip or WinRAR to open it. The two files (package and ts4script) are inside.

Normally when I download package files they come in a folder that I unzipp but when I download your file only one appears as a single file not in a zipped file

It is a zipped file. A rar file is a type of zipped file. You can use a program like 7zip or WinRAR to open it. The two files for the mod (package and ts4script) are inside.


Hi Kuttoe! Just here to share an idea that came to me when I saw RVSN's medal display case. I thought of this mod then and I think it would be really cool if the surviving sims come back with medals in their inventory for decor.  They would have varying buffs, like 'Received medal of Honor' and 'Cross of Navy or Airforce', so that there would be varying decor objects for display.  I didn't think of it much though, not sure if it's feasible

Oops, I just realized that Strangerville came with a military career that does that haha. I don't have that pack though.

(1 edit)

Hi! For some reason it won't let me download/update the mod. It says the file is corrupted or missing..

Sorry, but I don't have much control over the download server for itch.io. The file works fine from my end. Try using using a different browser or incognito mode, or try clearing your cache. See if that helps.

Hii!! I loved your mod! It worked very well in my game!!

But could you do It for teenagers too?

I play the decades challenge and I would like to send my teenagers for the war too.

I use the portuguese translation, and It is very good!

Thanks, glad you like it! I have now updated it to allow Teens to use the mod, too. Enjoy!

OMG! I'm so happy!! Thank you!!

I've shared your mod in a brazilian facebook group about the sims. Everybody is loving It!!

(Of course I put the link)

It will help a lot with the decades challenge!

Did you still have the 1.63 or eco style version ??? coz i really need it, i'm not yet to update the latest version... thanks before

Sorry, I don't keep old versions like that around. You'll need to update the game in order to use this mod.

Hello! I wish war wasn't several hours, could it possibly go for sim months while also aging them and giving them personality buffs? Just for the sake of storytelling. I'd love my sim father to serve in the war and return to already grown up kids and possibly cheating wife.

Unfortunately I had to make it shorter due to how easy it is for the interaction to be interrupted. The rabbit hole was originally supposed to be a full day, but I found during testing that the player leaving the lot for any reason would cancel the interaction and the Sim would not get any sort of conclusion, they would simply appear back at home like nothing happened. The rabbithole works more similarly to volunteering than it does like working a job, where the Sim stays in the rabbit hole no matter what. For that reason, I had to make the interaction shorter to avoid this. 


I recently downloaded the mod and it's not working for me. I have extracted both the file and the script into my mod folder and when I go to actions, I do not get the option to enlist in war. 

Do you have mods and scripts enabled in your game settings? How have you installed the mod? What is your game version?

Hi! I script Mods allowed clicked and custom content and mods. I have installed the mod as well.  The game version I have is

What folder is the mod installed in? Did you extract the files and then delete the rar?

It doesn't work for me with the latest update. Are they going to repair it?
Thanks for the job.

The mod is working fine in my game. What isn't working for you? Have you re-enabled mods after this latest patch? How do you have the file installed?

(2 edits)

Hi hun ! I have an issue with the download, when I take it I only have one file on RAR format and not a zip to extract ! I'm not on Mac, but on PC 

So when I install it on my mods file, it doesn't work

Thanks a lot :)

RAR files are the same as zip files, you need to extract the mod from them. You can use a program like 7zip or WinRAR to open them.

that's the problem, I don't have a zip file, only a document who doesnt work in game because I don't have the script modificator :) 

You won't get a zip because I uploaded a rar file, but you treat it the same way as you would a zip: extract the files from it and install them in your Mods folder. The game won't read a rar file so this is an absolutely necessary step.

Hi again, thanks a lot for your patience, I extract the file and it's work fine ! <3

Hi there, I've had an issue extracting the files whenever I click on the file it says it cannot be opened if I go through my 7zip thing it will not allow me to unzip the file at all. If you have any advice or could fix it that would be amazing. Thank you!

Try refreshing the page and re-download it? The rar has the files inside it when I download it fresh, so it's not something I can reproduce and fix.

Hi! I had an issue... So I chose the option register for the draft, and waited till the timer runs out, then my sim was about to go to war, but the action somehow cancelled ( I didn't  cancel it) and I can't get him go again. The timer says 0 minutes, but doesn't go away. I tried to register again, but nothing happened, I just got the notification again and that's it. Me being stupid didn't save the game before he left, so now I don't know what to do.

Are you using the September 8th version of the mod and have your game completely up to date? Do you receive any error message or last exception? 

I'm not getting any errors and I've downloaded the newest version of this mod. I don't know about the game, but I don't think it's the problem, because other mods work fine.

The code for sending Sims off lot has changed a lot in the last few patches, so I need to know for sure if your game is up to date.

There seems to be a conflict when the sim has the "carefree" trait. The timer never appears/never 'goes to war.' Worked when cheating to remove the carefree trait.

Thanks for the report! I can see why that would be an issue. I will update soon.

This should now be fixed. Thanks again for the report!

Hello, first of all I want to thank you, I love this mod but I have a question for you, can it only be sent to sims who are in youth? Because I tried it with an adult and it didn't work for me, they just give me the money... What can you do there?

Everything should work the same for young adults and adults. Are you using the newest version of the mod and the updated game?

I've been trying to get this to work in my game for months now. I am downloading on a mac. When I download, I do not get a zip folder. I get a single download titled "[Kuttoe] EnlistWar.rar

Please help, as I really want this mod in my game. 

Thank you

rar files are similar to zip files in that they contain other files, but they are a slightly different format. They may not be able to be opened on a Mac without using another program. The Unarchiver, 7zip, or WinRAR are popular programs that will allow you to open a rar archive and extract the files. 

I have downloaded the mod and put it on my folder but it is not appearing

What folder did you put it in? Have you unzipped it?

(2 edits)

Any chance you could add a version of this mod with a lower or variable death rates? Would it be possible to make the rabbithole several days instead of several hours? Is this integrated into the military career? Great mod!

Glad you like it! Thanks!

I don't currently have any plans to make a variable death rate, as the intent of this mod is to align with the rules of the Decades Challenge, which uses a 50/50 chance. If there is a big call for changing the odds, it's something I could look into for the future.

The rabbit hole was originally supposed to be a full day, but I found during testing that leaving the lot for any reason would interrupt the interaction and the Sim would not get any sort of conclusion, they would simply appear back at home like nothing happened and you'd have to start the process over. It works more similarly to volunteering than it does like working a job, where the Sim stays in the rabbit hole no matter what. For that reason, I chose to make the interaction shorter to avoid this. It is possible to edit this yourself with S4S if you're comfortable editing the code; you would need to change the time_based conditions in the GoToWarInteraction tuning, and set the min and max time to whatever you like. This is something that came up with another user last week, so maybe it's another time I can try to make a customizable addon for.

(1 edit)

Hi, i just translated to brazilian portuguese :) 

Brazilian Portuguese translation

i forgot to say that i uploaded the string table :)


Thank you for the translation! I have added it to the mod now. :)

hi, i adore this mod, it is amazing!! i just wanted to ask if you can either explain to me how can i prolong the rabbit hole time or if you can make one longer, like 20 sim days :) thanks a lot! 


Thanks! The rabbit hole was originally supposed to be a full day, but I found during testing that leaving the lot for any reason would interrupt the interaction and the Sim would not get any sort of conclusion, they would simply appear back at home like nothing happened. It works more similarly to volunteering than it does like working a job, where the Sim stays in the rabbit hole no matter what. For that reason, I had to make the interaction shorter to avoid this. If you want to edit it yourself with S4S, you would need to change the time_based conditions in the GoToWarInteraction tuning, and set the min and max time to whatever you like.

(3 edits)

thanks for the help <3  is it right?  how can i change it for days (if it is possible) ?  


I'm afraid I can't see the picture you attached, so I'm not sure what you changed. The number in the fields I mentioned are measured in minutes, so if you want it to last a number of days, you have to multiply the number of days by 1440.


i did exactly what the install instructions said and it's not working :(

Which part isn't working exactly? Did you unzip the files and put them both in your mods folder? 

i don't know where it went wrong, but i did put the files in the mod folder... the mod option simply doesn't appear on my game :\ could it be because my game is in portuguese?

No, the language shouldn't be a problem, but it will appear in English if your language is not supported. Is your game version current? Are your other mods working?

my game is updated and i don't have any other mods... this is really odd

I just had the same problem - downloaded it, could see the mod listed in the startup menu, but nothing showed up after navigating to "actions."  I was on an off-the-grid lot; I switched to a regular lot (without closing the game or making any other changes) and the mod worked just fine there.  Just something to check.

Hi, I translated into Russian https://simfileshare.net/folder/97909/

Thank you so much! I've added it to the mod. :)

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